Lithology and Mineralogy of Cody Stone

The prevalence of a given metal varies from one mine to the next, depending on regional geology.

A multitude of precious metals and minerals are present in Cody Stone.  Gold and silver are the most prevalent native metals in the ore body cited in a multitude of essay records, department of interior reports and XRF analysis.

Historical Cody Stone was donated to the Buffalo Bill Museum in Le Claire, Iowa.

Business partners Loren Breckenridge and Jackie Lee made a significant contribution to the Buffalo Bill Museum in LeClaire, Iowa, by donating the “Cody Stone” made up of gold, silver, copper, and tungsten. This 5,200-carat, valued at $156,000 stone, was mined from Buffalo Bill’s Campo Bonito gold mine in Arizona in 2010. This addition to the museum helps enrich the history many do not know about, educating the public on Buffalo Bill’s ventures outside of showmanship.