Extremely Rare, Historically Significant Natural Gold Silver, Copper and Tungsten in

Quartz from Buffalo Bill Cody’s Gold Mine.

 Each piece of Cody Stone jewelry is unique and handmade with quality here in the United States. Each stone is graded individually on precious metals content and aesthetics. What is most valuable in a piece of Cody Stone jewelry is not the high-quality Gold, Silver, Diamonds, or other precious stones used to make the jewelry. It is the Cody Stone itself that is more valuable and will appreciate in value year after year due to its rarity.

Cody Stone is an extremely rare and historically significant jewelry-grade ore.

Cody Stone is a very rare and historically significant Jewelry grade quartz ore containing Gold, Silver, Copper, and Tungsten in its natural state from Buffalo Bill Cody’s goldmine in the Santa Catalina Mountains near Tucson Arizona.

You won’t see this stone anywhere else in the world.

In 1911 when Thomas Edison learned that he needed Tungsten for his lightbulb filaments, he made a deal with Buffalo Bill Cody. The Tungsten from this ore was used in Thomas Edisons lightbulb filaments to light the world.

Nearly all of this ore was crushed for its precious metals in the early 1900’s. The worlds only known limited supply is now in demand and is being used to make Cody Stone Jewelry which in turn will preserve the history of Buffalo Bill Cody and his mining ventures in Arizona.

Customized Cody Stone Jewelry

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